What began as a hobby soon became my life’s work – telling stories from behind a camera. 

As I developed my skills, I paid attention to the professional photographers around me. I noticed that many of them stiffly posed their clients and treated portrait sessions like a chore. I wanted my clients to have a different experience, a joyful experience.

So many clients come to me claiming, “I feel so awkward in front of the camera!” But by the time we’re done working together, they’ve forgotten that there’s even a camera present and they are truly present in the moment.

My clients stand confidently, with comfort and show off their beautiful, unique selves as I guide you to letting down the walls and letting your true self shine!

I create a warm, accepting, cozy environment, whether we’re shooting in a field of wildflowers, the studio, your home, or a wedding venue. My clients consistently tell me they feel different in front of my camera than anyone else’s, and that’s when I know I’ve truly done my job.

I built this business from the ground up – investing so much time, money, and energy – because I believe in telling your story. I believe in capturing love. I believe in showing the world your beauty.

HEY THERE!!  I’m your adventure wedding photographer, Alyssa.

Come on in, beautiful.

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I live this life devoted to experience. I love to hop on a plane or in the car with a destination on my mind and desire to explore places unknown. I find my greatest inspiration seeing the beautiful world we live in and always love the feeling of coming home to my sweet little town of Grass Valley, Ca 

traveling the world

Nature is my greatest muse. I find the way the light hits the trees and how beautiful the earth is in the changing seasons. I spend many days off exploring the sierras and beautiful rivers that surround my home. As you can tell, i find my inspiration in nature. I will take you to beautiful mountain tops or sandy sunset beaches any day with the biggest smile on my face!

Enjoying Nature

Making playlists are my love language. You can bet I’m listening to music everyday to set the mood of my life. It truly is one my greatest passions other than photography and I love geeking out with records and good vibes on the dance floor. And if we have a session planned, you can be sure I have a customized playlist to set the mood and keep the energy flowing.

dancing + listening to music

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When I’m Not Creating Magic With My Camera, You’ll Find Me...

I’ll travel anywhere for love!

Alyssa arrived with her grounded energy and bright smile and took time to make us feel relaxed and ready. We got some amazing shots right off the bat and it helped that Alyssa shared them with us so we could see that it was happening. 
Rachel J (Family Shoot) 

"One magical moment to the next we had so much fun and the photos are just wow."

Every image she captures turns to gold and that's only the end result! Leading up to the shoot she helps you vision, prepare, and feel so comfortable - you will feel like a vogue model or that your brand is going to be on the cover of it.
Bree M. 

"Every image she captures turns to gold"

Alyssa was our own personal hype woman and she listened to what we wanted and did everything she could to capture gorgeous photos! She truly gives her best every moment to make the day perfect! Ten of ten of ten!
Heather N. & Christopher N. (Bride & Groom) 

"She is professional AND relational."


A Little Love from Happy Clients

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